I am a versatile graphic designer and creative director living and working in San Francisco, California specializing in branding and art direction.

I am interested in finding relationships with the unrelated and creating dialogue with distinct dispositions. Discovering the impermanence of permanent things, seeking perfection in the imperfect, and creating simplicity from complex ideas are pursuits that drive me in my work.


In June of 2017, I joined Wolff Olins as a Senior Designer in San Francisco. I am also one-half of Taylor Shop, an art, design, and thought collaboration with Taylor Givens. For 9 years prior, I lived and worked in New York City as a designer for both Red Antler and Interbrand. I hold a BFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, after a stint at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago studying sound and philosophy in 2010.


All inquires can be addressed to —thistimetoday@gmail.com.


Taylor Shop —an art, design, and thought collaboration with Taylor Givens.

Anew Balance —made to order hand drawn yinyang tshirts.

A Piece of a Whole —a compilation of graphic explorations throughout a period of time.

Instagram —my wearabouts.

Linkedin —my experience.